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Portrait Price List

Watercolor (or pastel) on paper:
22” x 30” half figure, including hands $3,000
24” x 36” larger half figure, or 3/4 figure $4,000
30” x 40” 3/4 or full figure, with background $5,000
Oil paint on linen canvas:
20” x 25” head and shoulders $5,000
24” x 36” half figure, including hands $6,000
30” x 40” 3/4 figure $10,000
36” x 48” 3/4 figure $12,000
44” x 58” 3/4 to full figure $15,000
50” x 72” full standing figure $20,000

This schedule gives the prospective client an idea of size and corresponding price, however, all work is custom and a portrait can be done to specifications other than those listed. Single subject portraits are usually three-quarters to life size; multiple figures will necessarily be smaller. Additional figures will add at least 1/2 more to the cost, depending on the complexity of the composition. Photographs and preparatory sketches are always shared with the client.

Only the finest archival materials are used. Framing costs are not included in the above prices, but the artist will assist in the selection of suitable framing. The artist retains the right to use photographs of the work in promotional materials. A deposit of 40% is required in advance, with the balance due Upon delivery of the finished artwork.

Unwanted Visit from the Bluebird of Happiness









Unwanted Visit from the Bluebird of Happiness

oil on linen
16" x 20" SOLD