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Commissioned Portraits

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by portraits and the stories about people that they imply. Now, when I paint a portrait, I experience a kind of transference or synchronicity with my subject and I, of course, learn their stories. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know people and am very interested in how they see themselves, or the subject of a commissioned portrait. As I try to reflect that vision, I also pride myself on coming up with artistic solutions that please us both. In many cases, I think of my portraits as "collaborative" works.

Fine art portraits are commissioned for primarily one reason – to honor someone and a relationship. Portraits can be an intimate celebration between family members or a gift to a larger organization such as a university or corporation. Suitable candidates for portraiture could be family members of any age, with or without pets, college presidents, CEOs, judges or other individuals of achievement, donors, even the deceased. As each work is custom and unique, a portrait can include a special setting or objects with private meaning. There are several among the samples here.

I can work from life or, in the case of a commemorative portrait, from professional photography. Most often, however, I work from a combination of photos I take and two to five life sittings. I share my photographs and preparatory drawings with my clients and welcome their studio visits, so that client satisfaction is always assured. I prefer not to paint children under seven.

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