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Other Works

The following examples of other works should give you an idea of the scope of my work. Click on each image* for details of size and medium, as a variety of both are presented here, and for interesting details about the piece. * (A few images are not clickable)

Snake and Stairway 1Snake and Stairway 2Orange Tree, StrippedPrairie HouseFlying DishesPaintbrushesWallpaper 1Wallpaper 2Wallpaper 3Wallpaper 4Wallpaper 5A and O ExhaustedHope and TadamitsuMother and ChildA and G SleepingAt the Water's EdgeBlue Nursing PillowHedda BackstageMother's DayFlor de PasionEyeblossomsMasksDrakeBlue ShadowsCabinEnd of the RoadFallen RoofHog HouseLeaning BarnLittle Red BarnOld StorefrontPink HousePurple HouseSilosSkeletonStriped BarnThe OTher SideTower House